Lucas "Luke" Morgan is the Prince Charming character. Luke is British. He met Katie when Gail Van Ravensway had an appointment with his father Guy Morgan. Luke appears to like Katie, but Bev keeps stealing him away from her. At the school Bollywood Ball, Katie sings to Luke who falls for her. But Katie leaves because Angela told her that Gail felt sick and went home. Luke is on the hunt for "the Girl With the Beautiful Voice" but walks in on Bev who was lip synching to Katie's voice and mistakes her for the girl. Luke believes he is in love with Bev because of the voice which really belongs to Katie. But Luke found out it really belonged to Katie. He stole the camera and filmed her, having Bev exposed, and then he really falls for Katie. He was asked by his father to work with Katie on her album much to her joy. Luke was portrayed by Freddie Stroma.